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Google reportedly prepping Android social gaming app

Google reportedly prepping Android social gaming app


Google is reportedly working on a unified app for Android users to track all of their gaming achievements and progress.

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Google+ product manager Punit Soni recently let it slip that the company was working to unify its Android, Google Chrome Store, and Google+ gaming platforms, and it appears that a centralized social gaming app may be part of those plans. Business Insider reports that Google is prepping an app that will include leaderboards, achievement-driven trophies, and what is described as a "social 'achievement' system." It's certainly familiar territory; independent gaming networks offer similar functionality, while BI compares the app directly to Apple's Game Center. Providing a unified experience across all of Google's gaming platforms does make sense, however. The company has already begun to streamline its offerings with the Google Play branding, and a singular gaming network would likely only increase adoption (though we do hope Mountain View is aiming higher than the faux felt and skeuomorphic design of Apple's app). While Business Insider makes no mention of additional software implementation beyond the Android app, we wouldn't be surprised to see a new set of APIs for developers to take advantage of the added functionality. Perhaps we'll learn more at Google I/O this June.