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Pocket 4.1 for iOS adds pagination and improved video support, Android updates coming soon

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Read later app Pocket finally adds pagination support and the ability to watch videos from TED and Devour in its new 4.1 update available now on iOS.

pocket 1020
pocket 1020

Less than a month ago, Read It Later rebranded as Pocket, adding a much-needed redesign from the ground up in the process, and while it was a huge improvement, we were disappointed by the lack of pagination. The 4.1 update available now for iPhone and iPad adds pagination ("Page Flipping mode"), a revised Dark theme, and larger font size options. The app has had a solid run in its new form; the team boasts over 2 million downloads since launch, and over 5 million total users. You'll also find improved video support with TED, Khan Academy, and Devour now auto-detected. Android and Kindle Fire users aren't left completely out; the 4.1 update is "coming in just a few days."