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Seraku's Smart Wash Basin is an Android mirror (hands-on video)

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Seraku's Smart Wash Basin is an Android-embedded mirror. The device uses IR proximity sensors so that users don't have to touch the device in order to use it.

seraku mirror
seraku mirror

We know, you can check the news and weather anywhere and everywhere on your smartphone, but what about when you’re washing your hands? Japanese company Seraku aims to make your network a little more ubiquitous with a prototype design for an Android-powered mirror. It uses RF proximity sensors to detect where your hands are placed so that you don’t have to smudge it all up in order to check those sports scores, and the display unit here at Smartphone and Mobile Expo included a networked scale built into the floor. There's also a meter that displays water flow and temperature information on the mirror. Overall, it reminds us a lot of the Smart Window prototype design we saw from Samsung at CES, although not as responsive or as fully fleshed out.

An Android tablet is powering everything behind the scenes, but the display is a separate LCD monitor overlaid with a semitransparent piece of reflective glass. The Seraku rep told us that the company doesn’t have a commercial product ready yet, but if and when the product launches, Seraku sees two primary use cases for the mirror: reading the news at salons, and (somewhat inexplicably) filling out questionnaires at drinking establishments. We can’t say drinking beer puts us in much of a questionnaire-filling mood, but the novelty of doing it on a big mirrored display could change our tune.