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Mobile devices account for nearly 10 percent of internet traffic, according to StatCounter

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According to StatCounter data, mobile devices now account for approximately 10 percent of all internet usage.

Statcounter May 2012 10 percent mobile share stock 1024
Statcounter May 2012 10 percent mobile share stock 1024

On April 7th, web analytics firm StatCounter recorded a milestone event: for the very first time, mobile devices reportedly accounted for over 10 percent of traffic on the global internet. That traffic quickly receded below the nine percent mark, but it's jumped back up to 10 percent four times since then, and unless something drastic happens, it's fairly safe to say that phones are responsible for one-tenth of worldwide internet usage. The timing wasn't a surprise: in February, the company reported that mobile traffic has been doubling every year, and it was already at 8.5 percent at the beginning of 2012.

Mind you, these aren't statistical calculations, but merely results gathered from the three million websites that use StatCounter tracking, and they don't account for tablets, so the share could actually be a little bit higher due to Apple's iPad and its competitors. Of course, as web browsers evolve to stretch across tablets and other exotic form factors, the idea of a "mobile browser" may soon cease to exist at all. Pingdom also did a breakdown of StatCounter's mobile browsing data by region: read about it at our via link below.