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Instacanvas launches gallery feature letting you turn your artfully filtered prints into cash

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Instacanvas has now officially launched its new gallery feature, allowing Instagram users to sell their work to others for a 20 percent cut.

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Printing your Instagram photos isn't a new idea — CanvasPop, Prinstagram, and PixWraps all have different takes on the concept — but being able to sell them to others direct from the web is a different story. Instacanvas now has a gallery feature, letting you showcase your artwork for everyone to buy online. Canvases start at $39.95 for a 12-inch square image, rising to $79.95 for a 20-inch square print, and as a photographer you'll make 20 percent (or a minimum of $7.99) for each photo you sell.

To avoid pixellation once your image is enlarged, Instacanvas uses a fractal algorithm that allows it to guess missing information in a photo and ensure your pics still look good. The business model itself isn't unusual, with stores like CafePress giving creatives a cut while taking the hassle out of producing merchandise, but bringing it to the massive user base of Instagram could make it a hugely popular way to capitalize on your creativity. And if you don't feel like sharing, you can still get your own work printed with prices starting at $31.99.