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Unpublished works of modernist James Joyce digitized by National Library of Ireland

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The unpublished works of James Joyce have been digitized by the National Irish Library, featuring a ledger of poetry and personal remarks.

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The manuscripts of renowned modernist author James Joyce have been made available online by the Irish National Library. Until Joyce's works moved into public domain on January 1st of this year, they were closely guarded by Joyce's grandson and executor of his estate, Stephen Joyce, who has been known to charge exorbitant fees for access to the work.

The papers are available in PDF form, including "early notes" from Joyce's popular novel Ulysses, but perhaps more interesting to literature aficionados and scholars is a completely unpublished ledger with bits of poetry and scraps of personal notes from Joyce's life. So settle in, grab a fine red and pull your winged chesterfield closer to the hearth, and give these newly unveiled notes a go of it.