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Facebook proposes more changes to clarify privacy policy

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Facebook is making another round of changes to clarify its Data Use Policy, particularly its use of cookies and data for advertising.

Facebook Password lock
Facebook Password lock

About two months after making its last round of changes, Facebook has again proposed an update to its Data Use or privacy policy. In a blog post, Facebook says the new policy comes in response to a request from the Irish Data Protection Commissioner’s Office, which regulates Facebook's European affiliate. It's primarily aimed at clarifying existing policies, either by rewording them or adding examples. It explains, for example, the policy that lets Facebook use data to serve you ads on outside sites, how cookies are used on Facebook, and how Facebook can "retain [your] data as long as necessary to provide you services." Some changes reflect the new terminology of the site, with "timelines" instead of "profiles" and "plugins" instead of "links."

Facebook is currently taking comments on the policy. Users can comment up until May 18th, and it will host a video Q&A session on Monday, May 14th. The Documents page on the site currently has responses to some of the questions raised by Facebook's previous policy changes as well.