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iCloud beta website reveals unannounced iOS 6 beta, web apps for Notes and Reminders

iCloud beta website reveals unannounced iOS 6 beta, web apps for Notes and Reminders


A beta iCloud webpage has been discovered which reveals web apps for Notes and Reminders, and hints of an upcoming beta for iOS 6.

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With WWDC only a month away, it seems Apple has unintentionally provided an early glimpse at some upcoming iCloud features. Developer Steven Troughton-Smith was apparently the first to discover a beta portal for the company's cloud platform that includes icons for Notes and Reminders, two iOS applications that aren't yet part of Apple's web app suite. iCloud already syncs content from each between devices, so it only makes sense that Cupertino would want to further extend this convenience to the browser. We've been unable to sign in thus far, suggesting that this URL is making an appearance earlier than Apple might've originally planned.

Even more tantalizing, a 9to5Mac reader dove into the website's code and uncovered references to an as-yet unannounced beta for iOS 6, the next major release of Apple's mobile operating system. "To use, first sign in to iCloud with the iOS 6 Beta," it reads. It wouldn't surprise us in the slightest if Apple offers a preview of the update at WWDC next month, though little has slipped out as to what new features are on tap. The rumor site today reiterated a longstanding rumor that Maps will undergo a massive overhaul in iOS 6, eliminating Apple's reliance on Google's mapping data in favor of an alternative developed wholly in-house.

A subdomain was also live for a brief period today, though that site also presented an error to anyone attempting to login.

Speculation is likely to become even more rampant in the days and weeks leading up to Tim Cook's WWDC keynote. After all, it was the CEO himself that teased we'd have plenty to look forward to in 2012.