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Twine sensor now connects to Pebble watch, sends alerts to your wrist

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The makers of Twine announced today that the versatile sensor can now send alerts to the Pebble Smartwatch.

Twine Pebble
Twine Pebble

In a fun bit of Kickstarter synergy, the makers of Twine — a small square that adds sensors and enables alerts on just about anything — announced today that Twine will now integrate with the Pebble Smartwatch, allowing you to receive all kinds of alerts on your wrist. The Wi-Fi-enabled Twine box can be used to monitor for motion, temperature, and more, and whenever it's tripped will send an alert via text, email, or Twitter. Now, it'll also send the alert to your Pebble watch — assuming you've reserved one of the 85,000 the company sold during its own Kickstarter campaign. Our minds are already spinning with the possibilities for immediate alerts, but we're mostly just excited to always know when the UPS guy knocks with a package.