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'Prometheus' writer Jon Spaihts on science fiction worldbuilding

'Prometheus' writer Jon Spaihts on science fiction worldbuilding


Jon Spaihts, the writer of Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus," discusses writing good science fiction with io9.

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We've been eagerly following Prometheus, the Ridley Scott space epic, so we're glad to see io9 give us a chat with its writer, Jon Spaihts. While Spaihts' answers to anything plot-related are decidedly terse, he has some excellent observations on video game storytelling ("In games, sci-fi's easier to achieve than mundane reality"), building human-level emotion into sprawling blockbusters, and the benefits of double-checking the science in science fiction. "For too many filmmakers, 'sci-fi' means 'anything goes," he says, "which leads in turn to arbitrary chains of events, or story rules that feel inconsistent or muddy. Story flourishes under constraint." It's even spoiler-free, unless you didn't want to know that Prometheus would have "good characters" and "emotional arcs."