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Deep Blue: 15 years after IBM's supercomputer beat the chess world's champ

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IBM takes a look back at Deep Blue, its supercomputer that shocked the world by beating chess champion Garry Kasparov 15 years ago.

Deep Blue
Deep Blue

On May 11th, 1997, a supercomputer named Deep Blue did what at the time seemed impossible: it defeated the chess world champion Garry Kasparov at his own game. The computer's creator, IBM, has put together a site celebrating the 15-year anniversary of the accomplishment. Capable of calculating over 100 million chess positions per second, Deep Blue reset expectations for what was possible with a computer, setting the stage for IBM's Jeopardy champion Watson and its new goal to simulate the entire human brain. The machine has since been disassembled; half of it resides at the Smithsonian, with the other half at the Computer History Museum. If you'd like to celebrate a day when the computers of science-fiction became modern-day reality, however, check out the video below, or visit IBM's Deep Blue Tumblr.