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Baidu introducing new Cloud OS next week, purported device pictures leak

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Baidu is preparing to launch a new version of its mobile OS, dubbed Baidu Cloud, with images of a purported device running the OS appearing on the Sina Weibo account of a Baidu employee.

Purported Baidu Cloud device leak
Purported Baidu Cloud device leak

Last year Chinese search engine Baidu announced its own fork of Android called Yi, and the company is now readying the next iteration of the mobile operating system, called simply Baidu Cloud. Reuters spoke with the company's head of mobile, Wang Jing, who stated that the company has "a few partnerships coming up and will announce it in a week." Adding fuel to the fire, Sina Tech reports that several images of an unidentified smartphone briefly appeared on the Sina Weibo account of the company's mobile director Yue Guofeng before being pulled. The images show a phone that looks like a colorful, four-button riff on Nokia's Lumia line, which Sina Tech says will feature a 3.5-inch screen, 100GB of cloud storage, and a Siri-like voice capability courtesy of Baidu's cloud services. The phone will reportedly be priced at CNY1,000 (roughly $158) with a contract from China Unicom, with release slated for the middle of the month — lining up nicely with the Baidu Cloud announcement timeframe provided by Reuters. Of course, nothing's official until we hear from Baidu — or its unidentified hardware partner — directly.