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Watch this: 30-minute prelude to 'Tron: Uprising' animated series

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Disney has posted the first full episode of its "Tron: Uprising" series online. It's called "Beck's Beginning," and stars Elijah Wood. The show will air on Disney XD on June 7th.

Tron: Uprising
Tron: Uprising

If you can't wait for the next installment of Tron (the rumor mill has been silent for quite some time on the third film), Disney hopes that you won't mind the switch from live action and CGI to animation, as it's releasing the 18-part first season of Tron: Uprising on June 7th. The entire 30-minute prelude to the series, called "Beck's Beginning," has been released online, and while the show will air on Disney XD — a child-focused channel — the promising first results look like they should sate your light cycle and identity disc needs. The series takes place before the events of Tron: Legacy, and center on Beck (voiced by Elijah Wood), who's trained by Tron to fight back against Clu. Unfortunately, if you're not into the child-friendly approach, you're short of options other than watching the two original films again, listening to Daft Punk's soundtrack on loop, or buying a real-life light cycle for $50,000.

Note: It appears the video is blocked for users outside of the US.