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Steve Wozniak leaves cable internet behind, lives life completely wireless

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During a talk at an Australian business forum, Steve Wozniak reveals that he doesn't have a home broadband connection, favoring wireless connectivity instead.

Steve Wozniak image from Flickr
Steve Wozniak image from Flickr

During a business forum in Perth, Australia, Steve Wozniak revealed that he doesn't have a fixed broadband connection to his home in California. In an unsurprising move for a man that carries three phones at all times, Woz relies on wireless internet to stay abreast of the web — an option that is becoming more and more appealing as LTE eclipses cable internet speeds.

Woz hasn't been very satisfied with his local cable ISP, Horizon, which owns all of the wires in his area. Woz explained that "Broadband is a monopoly in my town — that means you can get it from a cable company, but I don't have cable." Our tests show that LTE can compete with cable in terms of speed, but suffers from reliability issues — issues that may improve as AT&T and Verizon scramble to improve wireless backhaul. Still, the cost of wireless service is far higher than fixed broadband, so the long-term transition to wireless may take some time.