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LG Spectrum receiving a software update, still isn't Android 4.0

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A software update to the LG Spectrum on Verizon adds a number of new apps and bug fixes, but it's still not the promised Android 4.0 upgrade.

LG Spectrum hero take 3 (1020px)
LG Spectrum hero take 3 (1020px)

Release notes for a forthcoming LG Spectrum update have revealed that a major software release is coming soon, though frustratingly for users it's still not Android 4.0. Named VS920V6, the release brings the phone to version 2.3.6 of the OS, and primarily addresses bugs with the handset's software. Verizon promises fewer force closes, a new pinch-to-zoom capability in the camera app, and enhanced security. There's also a fix for a bug in the calendar app, so that it will actually notify you when you ask it to. There's also an update to the web browser and email apps, so Google is now the default search engine (though you can change that in settings), the annoying lag to open the browser is now gone, and the phone now retains a maximum of 500 emails at any one time.

The 127-megabyte update also brings a new set of Google Apps to the device, with security fixes to Gmail, a better user experience on Google Play, improved video chat in Google Talk, and enhanced video editing features in YouTube. The range of preinstalled third-party apps on the device (Kindle, VZ Navigator, etc.) have also been updated to the latest versions. No date has been announced for this update's release, though you'll receive an OTA notification when it's available.

And as for Android 4.0? Verizon confirmed that an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich for the Spectrum was being developed back in March. However, it seems increasingly unlikely that LG and Verizon will make the first half of the year timeframe they promised us when we reviewed the handset in January.