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BlackBerry 10 predictive keyboard coming to jailbroken iPhones

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An upcoming jailbreak tweak for iOS will bring BlackBerry 10's predictive keyboard to an iPhone near you.

Octopus Keyboard
Octopus Keyboard

RIM's new predictive keyboard looks like it could be one of the more useful aspects of BlackBerry 10, but for iOS users who don't mind doing a little jailbreaking, the feature could soon be on your iPhone. Dubbed Octopus Keyboard, the feature comes courtesy of Czech developer Mario Hros, and it appears to work much like RIM's solution. As you're typing words will appear above keys, and you simply swipe up to complete the word. The more you use the feature the better it's able to determine what words you're trying to type, and it's able to work with multiple languages.

However, Octopus Keyboard is currently still in an alpha state, and Hros has a number of features he wants to add before releasing — these include auto-capitalizing words, dealing with punctuation at the end of sentences, and finding a better way to display longer words. The full version is expected to launch by May 20th, though if you want a predictive physical keyboard, you'll need to stick with BlackBerry.