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Aviary photo editor launching for Windows Phone

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Free-to-implement photo editor Aviary is launching an SDK for Windows Phone 7 today.

Aviary Windows Phone
Aviary Windows Phone

Aviary, the photo editing tool used in Flickr and other web services, is now available for Windows Phone developers. The free-to-implement software company has released its Windows Phone SDK for use with apps; it's been redesigned with a Metro-style interface but is otherwise very similar to the iOS and Android versions. When it announced the SDK back in February, Aviary said it was particularly interested in opportunities with the Lumia 900, and the Lumia line is certainly prominent in this announcement.

Along with the launch, Aviary has announced four initial partners: Twitter client Rowi, Foursquare app 4th & Mayor, and photo services Rekap and Postcard on the Run. On the web and iOS, Aviary is already included in imgur, Halftone, and Rockmelt; it comes with simple editing tools and features as well as premium content that developers can pay to include. The SDK doesn't appear to be up yet, but it should be available sometime today on Aviary's site.