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Windows 8 Release Preview includes weekly activity reports for parents

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The upcoming Release Preview of Windows 8 will include a new feature called Family Safety that provides parents with weekly email reports on what their kids are doing on the computer.

windows 8 release preview
windows 8 release preview

The Release Preview of Windows 8 is set to launch next month, and today Microsoft has revealed a new parental control feature that will be included in the upcoming build. Called Family Safety, the feature is a way to keep track of what your kids are doing online, and it seems relatively simple to set-up — all you need to do is check a box to let Windows know that a new account is for a child. You'll then receive weekly reports via email, which include information about how much time your child spends online each day, as well as details on recent web searches, the websites they visit most often, and the games they play the most. The report also includes links so that you can take further action if need be — for example, if you find your child is spending too much time on the computer, you can set time limits to restrict that. Other advanced tools include web filtering and restrictions for applications and games based on their age ratings, and you can expect to see all of these features in the Windows 8 Release Preview in the first week of June.