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Facebook approved to trade on Nasdaq days ahead of rumored Friday IPO

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Facebook has received approval to trade its stock on the Nasdaq exchange following the company's forthcoming IPO.

Facebook Nasdaq approval
Facebook Nasdaq approval

Facebook today inched closer to a long-awaited debut on Wall Street after its stock was approved for listing on the Nasdaq exchange. Form 8-A — signed by Chief Financial Officer David A. Ebersman — was filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission just days before the calendar hits May 18th, the date many are expecting Facebook to begin public trading. Earlier today, CNBC reported via Twitter that CEO Mark Zuckerberg will ring the stock market's opening bell on Friday, all while skipping the traditional visit to Manhattan's financial district. Zuckerberg, whose tenure at the helm of Facebook has come under renewed scrutiny thanks to the impending public offering, is expected to mark the momentous occasion remotely from company headquarters in Menlo Park, California.