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Front-lit Kindle slated for July launch, according to Reuters source

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Reuters reported today that a front-lit, nighttime-friendly Kindle is slated to be released in July. The news agency cites an anonymous source, who says that the e-reader would come in both 3G and Wi-Fi varieties, with an identical or slightly-increased price-point. Additionally, it's rumored that Amazon will introduce a new, 8.9 tablet this holiday season.

Kindle Touch
Kindle Touch

Would you be surprised to hear that Amazon is working on a front-lit E Ink Kindle to compete with the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight? Well, you shouldn't be — we've heard before that the retailer was working up such a device — and now Reuters is offering up a few more details on the rumored e-reader. According to an anonymous source with "direct knowledge of the matter," Amazon will release the nighttime-friendly Kindle this July with identical or slightly increased pricing from the current models, in both 3G and Wi-Fi varieties. It's not clear if Amazon will go the Barnes & Noble route and add the lighting technology to its currently-available E Ink readers or introduce a new design entirely. In addition to the new E Ink model, the source says that Amazon will introduce a new tablet at a 8.9-inch screen size this holiday season, a sizable bump up from the Kindle Fire's current 7-inch form factor. For now these are all rumors, of course, and we'll let you know when Amazon does introduce some new models.