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Rdio redesign rolls out across all accounts

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Rdio has announced that its redesigned look, which rolled out to premium subscribers back in March, is now available to all users.

Gallery Photo: New Rdio
Gallery Photo: New Rdio

Streaming music service Rdio introduced a new redesign this past March at SXSW, and while we certainly liked what we saw the new look wasn't available to everyone — until now. In a blog post today, the company announced that the new look is now available to all users, including those using free accounts. To refresh your memory, the redesign adds a complete new look, on both and its desktop apps, and brings noticeable improvements to the speed of the service along with a bevy of social sharing enhancements. Users had previously been able to revert back to the old look if they so desired, but that option appears to have been removed entirely, leaving the new Rdio as the only one available. Given the many improvements present, we consider that very good news indeed.