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Meizu website mysteriously shut down

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The website for Chinese electronics manufacturer Meizu has disappeared, replace by a single page stating that the site has been temporarily shut down due to offensive behavior.

Meizu Logo
Meizu Logo

The website for Chinese electronics manufacturer Meizu has mysteriously gone dark over the past few days, replaced instead with a bulletin that raises more questions than it answers. The message is in the company's native Chinese, but according to Google Translate's interpretation of the message (not known for great clarity in Chinese-to-English translations itself), the site's "interactive community" has committed actions that "have a negative impact on society," resulting in being shut down for "rectification." According to the message, the website should be restored within a month.

Given the history of China's so-called Great Firewall, it may be easy to draw conclusions as to what is behind the incident, but the truth is at this time it's unclear just what prompted the website to go dark. We've reached out to Meizu for further clarification and will update you as soon as we have more information on the story.

Update: Meizu has reached out to us to confirm it is currently cleaning up the company's forums and to stress that other areas of its business are still fully functional, despite the entire site being down. "We are working to bring our websites back online as fast as we can, but do not know exactly when we will succeed in doing so," said a company spokesperson.