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Color for Facebook makes mainstream push with Verizon and Saturday Night Live

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Color for Facebook gets a media push with a commercial from Verizon and special backstage access to this weeks episode of Saturday Night Live featuring Mick Jagger.

Color for Facebook Android
Color for Facebook Android

Color for Facebook has never been an app to shy away from the spotlight, first emerging as a high-profile photo-sharing offering for iOS last year before reinventing itself completely as a video-broadcasting app. Now Verizon has created a commercial for Color that puts it front and center. The commercial is part of Verizon's recent marketing shift that eschews the violent robots, dark scenery, and loud noises of previous Droid adverts in favor of a more positive, human message. In this commercial, Verizon weaves an inspiring narrative of a young basketball player streaming a heartfelt speech (with audio) to his friends, peers, and parents using the Color app.

As if this weren't enough media attention for Color, backstage footage of the the May 19th episode of Saturday Night Live featuring Mick Jagger will be streamed using the app according to Google Play. But, in order to watch this footage, you've got to download the app and like Verizon Wireless or Saturday Night Live on Facebook. With that in mind, Color's icon may be mostly blue and white, but that red dot in the center seems especially red lately.