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MVNO Voyager Mobile launching with no-contract plans starting at $19

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Voyager Mobile, an MVNO utilizing Sprint's 3G and WiMAX networks, will be launching tomorrow, offering unlimited voice and text plans starting at $19 a month, with unlimited voice, texting, and data plans for $39.

Galaxy S II
Galaxy S II

Cellular customers looking for a budget option will have another company to choose from with the launch of a new MVNO dubbed Voyager Mobile. Using Sprint's 3G and WiMAX networks, the company will offer unlimited voice and texting plans starting at $19 a month, with unlimited voice, texting, and data plans coming in at $39 a month. The company will also be introducing a Voyager Rewards program that will allow customers to rack up points by talking on their phone, which they can later use for phone upgrades, airline miles, or put towards their service payment itself.

Wireless Week reports that the company will require neither contracts nor credit checks for those signing up, and that it plans to offer "most" Android and Windows Phone devices (the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch is said to be one of the launch phones). The reliance on Sprint's WiMAX network will obviously cull that list of potential phones quite a bit, however — at least for customers looking for faster-than-3G speeds. While Voyager Mobile's coverage will stretch nationwide, it will reportedly be selling its wares in less than 20 states to begin with, including Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Washington. Things kick off on May 15th, with additional states set to join in the coming months.