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Project Sea Lion amphibious car turns you into James Bond for just $259,500

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Project Sea Lion is a custom amphibious car built to become the fastest vehicle of its kind, whether on land or sea.

Project Sea Lion
Project Sea Lion

If you've ever dreamed of owning a car that take you from pavement to pond, you're in luck — but it's going to set you back. Project Sea Lion is a vehicle designed from the ground-up in order to compete for the title of world's fastest amphibious car. Constructed from TIG-welded aluminum and CNC milled parts, the car is geared to hit a top speed of 180 mph on the ground. The car is currently powered by a 174 horsepower Mazda 13B rotary engine, but its designer says that it should be upgraded with a custom-built 300-to-600 horsepower Renesis Rx 8 engine if it wants to take the sea-speed record.

Project Sea Lion's creator, M. Witt, has put it up for sale through Fantasy Ventures, where it can be had for a mere $259,500. The next step in the process, Witt writes, is to provide the vehicle with an "ultimate engine" and begin speed trials. If the price is out of your range, however, you can see Project Sea Lion in action below.