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AT&T temporarily suspends sales of its U-verse Xbox 360 hardware for improvements

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AT&T says it has temporarily suspended sales of its U-verse hardware for the Xbox 360, citing the need to improve and enhance it.

u-verse Xbox 360
u-verse Xbox 360

AT&T has temporarily stopped selling its U-verse TV for Xbox 360 bundle, citing the need to "improve and enhance" its functionality. The $99 bundle, which contained everything required to access DVR recordings on the Xbox 360 and more, used to be available at AT&T's online store before being removed recently.

AT&T isn't commenting specifically about the promised improvements and enhancements, but a company spokesperson revealed to Multichannel that the kits will not go back on sale until the new functionality is added. When they are ready to be sold again then you can expect to see them on AT&T's site, but until then new users will not be able to take advantage of the service.