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Flickr launches new 'liquid' layout, brings high-resolution images to the main photo pages

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Flickr's new site design brings the new, larger images out of the lightbox and into the main photo pages

Flickr bigger images
Flickr bigger images

A couple of weeks ago, Flickr added a new uploader supporting larger images to its desktop webpage, and now we're seeing the next step in this redesign. The high-res images you upload are now available direct from the photo's main page, if you're using a high enough resolution, with your screen size dictating both the amount of information you see and the size and quality of the image delivered. The new "liquid" design ethos also means that there's no upscaling of images, so your photos should look their best whatever device they're viewed on.

The update is the latest in Flickr's ongoing revamp, and it's clear that each design choice is being made carefully. The page you see is carefully designed to fit the largest possible 4:3 photo (which Flickr says is the most common aspect ratio), so that any smaller images will still fit without the page re-shaping itself every time. The algorithm used also avoids downsampling wherever possible, meaning that if an image is within a given threshold of a size it will be displayed natively. This latest update is available to everyone right now, and the development team says it has plenty in store for the rest of the redesign, too.