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Nokia 110 and 112 bring web browsing to the budget conscious

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Nokia has unveiled two new mobile phones that can browse the web but remain relatively inexpensive.

Nokia 112
Nokia 112

Last year Nokia launched a low-end series of mobile phones aimed at emerging markets, and today it's introducing two new handsets that add a welcome feature into the mix — web browsing. Both the Nokia 110 and 112 come packed with the Nokia Browser, which the company says reduces data consumption by up to 90 percent by "compressing websites in the cloud." They also include quick home screen access to both Twitter and Facebook, as well the ability to download apps from Nokia's store — including a free bundle of 40 EA games that will eventually be offered to new owners. As with devices like the 100 and 101, both handsets will feature support for dual SIM cards (though a single SIM version of the 110 will also be available in some countries), along with the ability to remember up to five cards for those who do plenty of swapping.

Each phone comes with a 1.8" display, FM radio, Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, and a VGA camera. But aside from some slight design differences the only major distinguishing feature between the two appears to be battery life — the 110 has around 10 hours of talking time, while the 112 can last for around 14. You can expect to see the 110 start shipping in the second quarter of this year for €35, while the 112 is expected to launch in the third quarter for €38.