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Google Maps adds quick shortcuts to 'home' and 'work'

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Google has added a new search feature to Maps that will auto-suggest your work or home addresses when you type in either word. If Google doesn't yet know those addresses, you can enter them manually in the My Places tab of Google Maps on the desktop.

Google Maps Desktop my places work
Google Maps Desktop my places work

We've gotten used to Google pushing out small, helpful new features to Google Maps, and the company continued with that practice today. You'll now be able to type in "home" or "work" into Maps and it will auto-suggest the addresses that correspond to those locations — if you've already given Google that information. That means that if you've entered your addresses in Google+ or Latitude, for example, you can now easily get directions to either of those locations. Additionally, there's now a little (hard-to-see) icon that will pop up in Maps to identify the two places. The new search feature is working now on the desktop version of Maps as well as the Android app, but if Google somehow doesn't know where you live yet, you can head over to your "My Places" tab in Maps to enter the information manually.