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Early webcam 'lifecaster' Rex Booth talks about oversharing before social media

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Rex Booth, whose webcam site gained popularity in the mid-1990s, talks about his days chronicling his life nonstop online before the advent of social media.

Rex's World The Awl
Rex's World The Awl

Before YouTube or even the rise of blogs, webcam sites provided a way to detail the minutiae of daily life by broadcasting a series of still images captured twenty-four hours a day. As part of its internet history series, The Awl has interviewed Rex Booth, an early internet "oversharer" who chronicled his life in San Francisco on a webcam in the mid-1990s. "The blogging and Facebook-ing, Twitter-ing, YouTube-ing... it all would have made it simpler," says Booth, when asked about his time on the early web. "But it would not have been as unique as it was if everyone was doing it... Now everyone talks about walking their dog and eating pizza and breaking up on social media. These days it's not as fun to be a stalker, or a exhibitionist."