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Bing's social network-infused redesign rolls out to all US users

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After unveiling Bing's now look — and its social network integration — Microsoft has rolled out the revised service to US users.

new bing main 1020 2
new bing main 1020 2

Microsoft unveiled a new look and a plethora of new features for its search engine Bing last week, and we liked a lot of what we saw. If you'd like to get your hands on it yourself, you're in luck: the redesign is now available to all users in the United States. It's still opt-in — you'll have to visit to get the new look — but it still represents the official launch of Microsoft's strategy to leverage Facebook, Twitter, and a variety of other social networks to take on Google. As you may remember, the new Bing introduces a sidebar devoted entirely to the social networks you belong to, called "Friends Know." The sidebar uses the available data from the networks to suggest search results that it thinks are relevant to your friends, and therefore more relevant to you. Microsoft hasn't yet provided a timeline for when the redesign will be rolling out to additional countries, but if you live in the US, head on over to try it out for yourself.