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Pantech P8010 revealed in FCC filing with support for AT&T's LTE network

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The LTE-capable Pantech P8010 has been approved by the FCC and is seemingly earmarked for AT&T — though the inclusion of support for an additional pair of LTE bands does raise some questions.

Pantech P8010
Pantech P8010

A new Pantech LTE smartphone has met with FCC approval, and judging by the specs it's on its way to AT&T — but there may be some interesting surprises in store. Along with the expected assortment of legacy radios, the P8010 also supports four separate LTE bands: the 700MHz and 1700MHz bands, which AT&T already uses for LTE, and the 850MHz and 1900MHz bands as well. Of course, AT&T currently uses the latter two for its 3G network, but the inclusion of LTE support for those bands could indicate the carrier is planning to use some of its existing spectrum to help expand its LTE efforts. There's certainly incentive there, given the setbacks AT&T has faced in its attempts to acquire new spectrum. We actually saw a similar situation with the Pantech P9070 last year, which was also tested with LTE support on the 850MHz band. When the device finally made it to market as the budget-minded Pantech Burst, however, no mention was made of the expanded functionality.

Adding some additional detail, benchmarks listed under the P8010 name were uncovered by Androinica earlier in the year. While they should by no means be considered confirmed, at the time the benchmarks indicated the phone would feature a 960 x 540 qHD display, a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, and Android 4.0. Of course, none of the information is official until it's announced by either Pantech or AT&T, but we'll be keeping an eye on both to see what name the P8010 finally debuts under — and if the phone gives us any indications about AT&T's future network plans.