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Auto-tune app Songify follows Instagram to Android, more Smule apps on the way

Auto-tune app Songify follows Instagram to Android, more Smule apps on the way


Developer Smule has brought its popular iOS auto-tune app Songify to Google Play as a free download.

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Developer Smule has brought its popular iOS music app Songify to Google Play. Songify is an auto-tune app that turns your spoken words into music, Auto-Tune the News-style, and has seen over nine million downloads on Apple devices. Smule said last December that the company was unlikely to port its apps to Android as most devices that run the OS have a high audio latency that makes them difficult to develop for. Prerna Gupta, co-founder of Khush (the original developer of Songify, which was bought by Smule last year), tells GigaOM that "the critical mass on Android has become very interesting," implying that the platform has now become too big to ignore.

Songify was originally chosen for a port as it doesn't have the realtime audio needs that Smule's other apps do, but Gupta says that the company has developed a work-around to get past Android's latency issues. The developer has said that its rhythm game Magic Piano is next in line for a port to Android devices, and hopefully its Glee and I Am T-Pain apps won't be too far behind.

iOS is still the leading development platform

Despite coming around to Android development, Gupta still sees iOS as the leading platform for development. — she says iOS has "great hardware, a good SDK, critical mass, and distribution." She believes that Android is improving as an OS, but cites testing as a big issue — it's almost impossible to ensure that your app runs problem-free on every device out there. You can download Songify for free from Google Play now — let us know if Smule's testing was thorough enough in comments; how does it work on your phone?