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Panasonic Eluga Live tablet hands-on video

Hands-on impressions of the Panasonic Eluga Live tablet.

panasonic eluga live tablet
panasonic eluga live tablet

The Eluga line is Panasonic's attempt to break into the global mobile marketplace, but if its first tablet under the brand is anything to go by we can't see the worldwide push extending to larger screens. The only distinguishing feature of its Eluga Live tablet, coming out in August through NTT Docomo, is something that will only work in Japan — a pull-out antenna that lets you watch 1seg terrestrial TV broadcasts along with content from Docomo's new Nottv service. Panasonic already sells a lot of portable 1seg TVs, though, and while Nottv looks pretty good on phones it's not all that impressive on a 10.1-inch screen.

The Eluga Live is competent in other areas without standing out much. There's a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor that powers Android 4.0, though you'll have to get past a generic Docomo Palette UI skin on top. Performance seemed solid enough to us, and the build quality felt better than many Android tablets of this size. Other specs of note include 1GB RAM, DLNA streaming support, and the total lack of a rear-facing camera. We're not yet sure if Panasonic has plans to release tablets around the world, but the current Eluga Live would be unlikely to stand out in a crowded Android market.