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Windows 8 Mail, Calendar, People, Messaging, and other apps updated for Release Preview

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Microsoft is updating its range of Windows 8 Metro style apps ahead of the Release Preview debut next month.

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Windows 8 Release Preview mail app
Windows 8 Release Preview mail app

Microsoft has started to update a range of its core Windows 8 communications applications ahead of the Release Preview debut next month. The updates, available in the latest internal builds of Windows 8, include UI improvements, new features, and drop the "app preview" banner from the top of the application. Microsoft originally released a range of its own Metro style applications with the release of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, designed as simple replacements for full Windows Live desktop apps.

Release notes for several applications, including Photos and Music, reveal that the company modified the applications this week with "updates to support the latest Windows 8 changes." Microsoft's Reader application has also been updated with a note revealing that the latest changes are for the Windows 8 Release Preview. Microsoft revealed some of its Mail changes in a video earlier this week, demonstrating an improved user interface and color change. According to one source, a number of the apps are available internally at Microsoft, but not to Consumer Preview users. The updated applications will be released alongside the Windows 8 Release Preview in early June.