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Roku HD, 2, and LT software update adds a wealth of performance improvements

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Roku has released version 4.7 of its software for its HD, LT, and 2 series of media streamers, offering a range of improvements under the hood.

Roku LT
Roku LT

Roku's HD, 2 series, and low-cost LT media streamers are receiving a software update, and while it doesn't provide any new games or new codecs like previous releases, there are still plenty of performance improvements and tweaks under the hood. The Roku blog says that version 4.7 adds support for channels that use Microsoft's Smooth Streaming technology, stability improvements for the Roku HD, better discovery of iOS and Android remotes on the network, and a fix for a French translation error.

One other improvement hints at bigger things to come: Roku says that it has "added improvements to support several partner channels to launch in 2012." That's a very vague message, but the need to add extra tech in the background to support these new channels suggests that something exciting could be on the way. You can download version 4.7 now from the Settings menu of your Roku.