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Microsoft-backed HTML5 'Prometheus' tie-in recruits you for Weyland Industries

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A Microsoft-backed HTML5 site showcasing the capabilities of Internet Explorer has been launched, allowing users to "apply" to join Weyland Industries.

Project Prometheus Training Center
Project Prometheus Training Center

Much as it did with The Hunger Games, Microsoft is advertising the HTML5 capabilities of its Internet Explorer browser by partnering with a popular upcoming movie — this time, it's Ridley Scott's Prometheus. The Project Prometheus Training Center, launched today on the main movie site, lets you put in your application with Weyland Industries for... well, we're not sure, exactly, but it involves joining the Project Prometheus crew and being very, very good at sliding puzzles.

Internet Explorer is recommended but not required, so just about anyone should be able to play. If there are significant plot hints here, we haven't yet found them, although the multiple-choice cognitive ability test shown above does present some rather suggestive dilemmas. If you're good enough, you'll earn the chance to be featured as an "Elite Applicant" on the site, and even if you're not you're likely to be told that "your use of Internet Explorer displays superior intelligence and problem-solving capabilities." We may be beginning to see why Weyland-Yutani has so many staffing problems in the Alien series.