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Toyota announces Nintendo DS-controlled vehicle navigation system

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Toyota's new Smart Navi navigation system in Japan can soon be controlled with a specially designed Nintendo DS cartridge.

4gamer - Toyota Nintendo DS navigation
4gamer - Toyota Nintendo DS navigation

Toyota has unveiled a new tool for Japan that lets passengers use a Nintendo DS to control a vehicle's navigation system. Called Kuruma de DS, the tool was recently shown off at a press conference in Tokyo, and it's expected to launch on June 1st. It works with Toyota's new Smart Navi system, and consists of a DS cartridge that can connect to the system via Bluetooth. When the two are paired up the handheld can be used to do things like view maps, update destinations, and check on the vehicle's speed. It also includes Nintendo's trademark bubbly presentation complete with Miis, though the asking price is a little steep — the navigation unit will run you ¥206,850 ($2,575), while the DS cartridge itself costs ¥7,329 ($90). For now it looks like the two will only be available in Japan, where the DS and its successor are both incredibly popular.