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Arduino Grande is a 'comically large,' fully functional microcontroller

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One DIYer has decided that a regular Arduino just wasn't enough, so he built one six times the size.

Arduino Grande
Arduino Grande

Arduino microcontrollers are small enough that we've seen them used in everything from milk jugs to microwaves, but John Edgar Park wanted something bigger: so he's built the Arduino Grande. Park — who writes for Make magazine and works at DisneyToon Studios — will not only be showing off the massive microcontroller at the upcoming Bay Area edition of Maker Faire, but he'll also be running a presentation on how to build one yourself. The device is approximately six times the size of a standard Arduino and is fully functional, and it was built using 3D modelling software and a laser cutter. We're not quite sure what you'd use such a huge microcontroller for, but if you're in the area you can check out the presentation this Saturday — it even includes a live laser-cutting demo.