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Viacom and Time Warner reach agreement on streaming app lawsuit

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Viacom and Time Warner have resolved litigation over whether Time Warner can offer Viacom's content through mobile apps, bringing Viacom's channels back to the service.

Time Warner Cable logo (1020)
Time Warner Cable logo (1020)

The year-long legal dispute over whether Time Warner Cable can offer Viacom's content through mobile apps is over. In a joint statement today, the two companies announced that they have "agreed to resolve their pending litigations." More of Viacom's programming, including shows from MTV and Comedy Central, will all be available now through the TWCable iPad app; previously, Time Warner had attempted to placate Viacom by removing some content. The CMT channel, which was removed after a separate disagreement over its programming choices, is also back on Time Warner's cable service.

While everything seems to have ended satisfactorily for both parties, both are keeping mum on the terms of the agreement. "Neither side is conceding its original legal position or will have further comment," the statement says, which means that Viacom is presumably sticking to its claim that Time Warner should have negotiated a separate deal for streaming app rights and Time Warner will continue to insist that "a screen is a screen." The new content will roll out over the next few weeks.