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3D display prototype combines high resolution with multiple viewing angles

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NLT has unveiled a 3.1-inch LCD display prototype that includes a 427 x 240 pixel count and offers up to six viewing angles.

NLT 3D display prototype
NLT 3D display prototype

Japan's NLT Technologies has unveiled a new prototype 3D display that's not only high resolution, but also supports multiple viewing angles. The glasses-free, 3.1-inch LCD display includes a 427 x 240 pixel count, offers up to six viewing angles, and makes use of NLT's new HxDP pixel array. The company claims that the array makes it possible to display 3D images with the same resolution as 2D ones, and can also show both types of images on the same screen at the same time. While it's still a prototype, NLT says that the display is being designed for "industrial applications" like medicine and gaming, and Tech-On reports that it could makes its way into commercial products as early as 2013.