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How Facebook learned to take its time with Timeline

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The Wall Street Journal takes a look at the changing face of research and development at Facebook, and how a company known for quick turnarounds and rapid implementation of new designs took its time with Timeline.

lead facebook timeline
lead facebook timeline

Facebook's never been a company known for its reliance on focus groups or user feedback. On the contrary, the social network has consistently deployed new features, designs, and policy changes when it sees fit, whether users are ready for them or not. That philosophy appears to be in flux, starting with the introduction of the Timeline feature last year. The Wall Street Journal takes a look at its development, which started back in June of 2010 as a project called "Memories." Led by's Sam Lessin, the Timeline team plowed through 100 design iterations and solicited feedback from focus groups, all before Mark Zuckerberg announced the feature in September of last year, and even then the company waited to hear feedback before rolling it out to all users. While Facebook may not have left all of its old development ways behind, the article does paint a picture of a company trying to embrace a more mature development process with the concerns of the end user in mind. If you'd like to take a look — and don't mind dealing with the Wall Street Journal's paywall — the article is definitely worth the read.