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'Community' cast get digitized for video game finale

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Tonight's Community episode will see the cast re-imagined as 16-bit videogame characters.

community videogame
community videogame

Not content with being re-imagined as anime characters earlier this season, the cast of NBC's Community is getting digitized in what IGN is calling an 8-bit opener to tonight's three-episode season finale — although it looks decidedly 16-bit to us. Tonight's episode will see Jeff, Troy, Abed, and company enter a video game created by Pierce's late father in an attempt to prevent his inheritance from falling into the hands of his right-hand man, played by Breaking Bad's Chilean drug baron Giancarlo Esposito.

IGN has uploaded a brief clip of the cast in action to YouTube, along with a slightly longer version that's embedded in its preview of the episode. 'Digital Estate Planning' will air tonight at 8PM, before returning at 9PM with 'The First Chang Dynasty' and 'Introduction to Finality.' NBC has confirmed that Community will return for a 13-episode fourth (and maybe final) season in a new Friday night slot this fall.