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Monmouth in Wales becomes the world's first 'Wikipedia town'

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Welsh county town Monmouth has been fitted with over 1,000 QRpedia codes to become the world's first Wikipedia town.

Welsh county town Monmouth might not seem like a hub for technical innovation, but thanks to a collaboration with Wikipedia, that's exactly what it's become. "Monmouthpedia" was a six month project to make Monmouth "the world's first Wikipedia town," but what exactly does that mean?

The town has erected plaques with over 1,000 QRpedia codes on schools, public buildings, shops, and individual exhibits inside Monmouth museum, which take visitors to Wikipedia articles in their own language. As well as raising Monmouth's profile and helping out tourists, the project benefits the town's 8,887 (circa 2001) residents in a more immediate way: free public Wi-Fi has now been set up throughout the town. It's a fun idea, and if it's a success perhaps we'll see more towns and cities following suit — for the good publicity if nothing else.