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Nokia Lumia 719C and Samsung Minuet Windows Phones rumored for China Telecom

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Nokia and Samsung are both reportedly preparing to release new Windows Phone handsets in China.

Lumia 719C rumor
Lumia 719C rumor

Nokia's Lumia 610C and 800C Windows Phones debuted in China during April, but it appears that a new Lumia 710 variant could be on the horizon too. Chinese site WPDang says China Telecom is planning to offer a new Lumia 719C, which, if previous leaks are to believed, is similar in design to Nokia's Lumia 710 handset.

Citing internal leaked roadmaps for China Telecom, WPDang has also identified a Samsung Minuet handset that is due soon. Although references to the Minuet have been discovered before, no images have leaked to give us an idea of Samsung's latest Windows Phone handset. The company recently announced its Omnia M device for Europe recently, so it's possible that the Minuet Chinese variant could be similar in appearance and specifications. Both the Lumia 719C and Samsung Minuet are rumored to arrive this summer in China.