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US Cellular releases Samsung Mobile Hotspot for its new LTE network

US Cellular has launched the Samsung Mobile Hotspot, an LTE hotspot that connects to its new 4G network.

US Cellular Samsung 4G Hotspot
US Cellular Samsung 4G Hotspot

US Cellular is continuing to expand its LTE lineup with the release of the Samsung SCH-LC11, a 4G LTE hotspot that was previously launched on Verizon. The hotspot is being sold now through the US Cellular website and will come to stores May 21st, it's currently one of a handful of devices on the fledgling LTE network. Right now, it's $49.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate, although it's apparently only priced that way for a limited time. It's also only at this price point in areas where LTE will either launch soon or has already launched, like parts of Wisconsin, Texas, Oklahoma, Maine, North Carolina, and Iowa. Everywhere else, it's $199.99, and that's after a $50 rebate as well.

On the data plan side, you'll get more options than you would on Verizon, though they're largely at the same price points. The smallest — 300MB a month — costs $10, and after that you can get 2GB for $25, 5GB for $50 and 10GB for $90. Customers might appreciate being able to pick a smaller plan than the minimum 5GB of Verizon, but even though US Cellular plans to have LTE available for half its customers by the end of 2012, there aren't a lot of places right now where they'll be able to use the hotspot's 4G capabilities.