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The Vergecast is on hiatus this week

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There's no Vergecast this week.


The bad news: there's no Vergecast this week. The good news? Well... let's be honest, good news is overrated.

The men of the Vergecast are hard at work in the bowels of the New York City sewer system right now, practicing their lines for tonight's taping of On the Verge, and if you're in or near New York, you should definitely consider rolling in and checking it out, because it's going to be fantastic.

The up side of all this is that next week, we'll try to convince Josh, Paul, and Nilay to do a four hour podcast, instead of the usual two to three hours. As a reminder, you can follow along with the Verge's schedule right here on our all new, very public calendar.

See you next week!