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RunCore solid state drive self-destructs to get rid of your data

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A company called RunCore has unveiled a new solid state drive that self-destructs at the press of a button.

RunCore self-destructing SSD
RunCore self-destructing SSD

While it may be called Invincible, RunCore's new solid state drive actually boasts a different notable quality — it can self-destruct. The SSD offers two different ways of deleting your data. The first will re-write the drive, essentially setting it back to its original factory setting. But if you want something a little more permanent, there's another option that RunCore describes as "a less subtle method" of getting rid of your data — sending a high surge of electricity through the SSD, rendering it useless. Sadly, you probably won't see any smoke as in the video below, as RunCore told Legit Reviews that the clip was "tuned" to make things a bit more dramatic. The Invincible drive is available in both 1.8-inch and 2.5-inch varieties, with a number of different options for capacity. However, there's currently no pricing information on the company's site — but since they're designed for aerospace and military, chances are the drives will be rather expensive.