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Amazon reportedly offering ad space on Kindle Fire home screen for $600,000

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Amazon is reportedly in talks to offer advertising space on the home screen of its best selling Kindle Fire tablet.

fire 12
fire 12

AdAge is reporting that Amazon has begun courting ad agencies who might be interested in advertising on the Kindle Fire, with a $600,000 advertising buy earning a spot on the device's welcome scree, in addition to ad space on Amazon's existing Kindles with Special Offers. However, the Kindle Fire is currently ad-free, which makes things a bit complicated. Toss advertising onto existing Kindle Fires, and the company could run afoul of their own customers. Amazon is reportedly mulling over whether or not advertising would be extended to all Kindle Fires, or just new devices.

The Kindle Fire remains atop Amazon's best sellers list, and the company claims its Android tablet is generating "hundreds of millions" of user ad impressions every month. It stands to reason that Amazon would put a lofty price tag on all of those potential eyeballs, but Amazon's uncertainty and the risk of consumer backlash has made some of the anonymous advertising executives AdAge spoke to a bit wary: "It's kind of an expensive buy to not get a guaranteed audience and measurement." Without clarification on how many models will be available to advertisers, this advertising push could prove to be a tough sell.