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Samsung Galaxy S III garners over 9 million pre-orders worldwide

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An unnamed Samsung official told the Korea Economic Daily that the Galaxy S III has been preordered by over 9 million people worldwide.

galaxy s iii
galaxy s iii

You might have heard that Samsung has a new phone coming out soon, but even if you're not planning to buy the Galaxy S III it seems like the phone's success is all but assured. An unnamed Samsung official, speaking to the Korea Economic Daily, said that the new flagship handset has had over 9 million units preordered worldwide. This total includes devices that will be sold by more than 290 carriers in 145 countries.

Like the Galaxy S II, the III will be sold in a huge number of localized models, and we've already seen variation in the processors and amount of RAM used. The early pre-order take-up, however, suggests that carriers think a lot of people will be excited for the phone in whatever form it takes. It goes on sale in Europe on May 29th, with a North American release to follow in June.